2020 Poster Calendar

Many of you are familiar with Inno’s children’s books as well as the fact that he is the illustrator behind many iconic political posters over the years as well. The Battle for Hearts and Minds is a limited edition calendar featuring some of the best of his political poster illustrations.

Calendars are something that you keep in your daily field of vision, so this is not just a calendar of historical posters, but a collection of striking illustrations that inspire you each day. At full 11″ x 17″ size, many of the images are at their original print size.

The calendar will be printed through a partnership with Community Printers, a worker-owned cooperative UNION printshop in Santa Cruz California.

As an independent movement artist self-publishing this calendar, Inno is looking for your support. Pre-orders are crucial to the success of this project. Rather than go through a crowdfunding platform, creating complicated premiums, and paying them, the hope is that straight-up pre-orders will help make this a success.

Those of you who pre-order will be the first to have these in hand in early November. And because calendar sales tend to drop after the start of the new year, contributing to waste and raising costs, this will be a “while supplies last” project that is expected to sell-out. Get yours today! 🙂

$16 per calendar plus taxes and shipping. Local pick-up option also available.

NOTE: Some folks who have opened this link through the facebook in-app browser on their phones have reported problems with the pay pal page. If you encounter this, open the link using your phone browser instead and that should resolve it. Sorry for the hassle.